Karate Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit

Organization of Karate Techniques

Karate Body


1.  Stances - 3 Main Stances

A. Front Stance

1 Shoulder width apart

Length - 2 Shoulder widths apart

60-40 weight displacement

Front knee over second toe for alignment

Back foot at 45 degree angle to line of movement

B.  Back Stance

Heals in Line and length twice the shoulder width

70/30 Weight displacement

Back hip over knee over second toe

front knee slightly bent

C. Side Stance

50/50 weight displacement

knees over second toes

Triangle on the top, rectangle on the bottom'

2. Postures - 3 Positions

A. Front facing

Body Square to Target

B. Half Front Facing

45 degree to the target (reverse also)

C. Side Facing

Body perpendicular to the target

3. Technique

The correct route of travel from point A to B for kicks, blocks, strikes, and punches as well as correct alignment of the limbs in use.

4. Use of Core Strength

5 ways to create power. They are vibration, rotation, thrusting, jumping, and downward thrust

5. Speed

The correct expansion and contraction of muscles create the quickest movement

6. Focus

Explosive movement as a result of contracting muscles instantaneously at the moment of impact

7. Breathing

Exhale sharply with execution of technique

8. Karate Spirit (Kiai) - Express internal energy - 3 Benefits


Deterrent - Discourage Opponent


Increase of Confidence


Increase Power

9. Karate Mind

Visualize your opponent, concentration